Welcome to Reality Town
  • “I am participating in the program tomorrow. All the 8th grade’s do it. It’s an excellent program to just show them life isn’t always easy.”

  • “It sounds like an excellent idea, similar to the game of ‘Life’ but without that pesky spinner that always falls off its spindle.”

  • “The Reality Town program is an excellent tool to teach teens on a small scale what they have to look forward to when the NBMD closes (National Bank of Mom & Dad). This program is long overdue, and I wish I would have had something like it when I was in jr. high.”

    Mary Richards –
  • “This year was our first experience with Reality Town and we were so pleased with it’s success and positive comments. We are looking forward to continuing with the Reality Town Program next year.”

    Debbie Hymas – Murray School District
  • “This is wonderful. This place is buzzing with Reality Town! You would love it!”

    Joy Burleson – Canarelli Middle School

Reality Town Events

There are several Reality Town events happening throughout the school year. View the calendar and find an event near you. See it in action for yourself!

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